Dissolution of Marriage/ Marital Status

Deciding to end a marriage can have everlasting effects on many individuals. If you and your spouse have considered divorce or separation, fully understanding the legalities behind it is extremely vital. Divorce is one of the most common issues throughout family law and every state follows its own laws regulating dissolution of marriage. In California, courts can grant divorce based on irreconcilable differences, meaning if one person in a marriage wishes to file for divorce they can do so even if the other does not. Divorce contains many other policies and procedures that can be very draining and time consuming on top of the emotional toll it can bring.

If you have been faced with the tough situation of divorce, The Mansfield Law Group can guide you during your time of need. We have years of experience in attaining favorable outcomes with marital cases and we will take a progressive approach to help you reach a desirable solution in your divorce.

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