Child Support

Divorce can be an extremely troubling time in ones life especially with the additional issues that arise from it, including child support. Child support is the legal obligation of parents to financially cover their child’s medical and living expenses; in cases involving child support, courts may require either or both parents to pay for their child’s cost of living.

At the Mansfield Law Group we ensure proper representation for clients going through child support proceedings. Our lawyers are devoted to providing families with the amount of legal service they  are entitled to through experience in family courts throughout Southern California.

We work closely with our clients to resolve any issues they may be having throughout their battle with child support,  it is our duty to maintain the rights of parents as well as the welfare of their children.

If you are facing divorce leading to child support matters, contact The Mansfield Law Group to get the help you need during these difficult times. We offer free telephone and email evaluations, so call us today at (951) 808-3630 or send us an email at