Child Custody and Visitation

Parents going through divorce often encounter many challenging obstacles such as child custody and visitation. Child custody involve agreements made between parents for taking care of their minor children, in many cases both parents can share legal custody of their children but only one parent can gain physical custody while the other is given visitation rights. Some factors involved in child custody include determining the right and responsibility of making decisions for their children for things such as: education, health care, and welfare. Another important element in these matters is deciphering the right to which parent the child will live with.

Many of these decisions will have a vast impact on your children, and determining what is best for them can be extremely tough. With years of experience in child custody and family law cases, The Mansfield Law Group has the skill and ability to develop a parenting plan that best suits the needs of clients undergoing these situations and also give them the representation they deserve.

At The Mansfield Law Group we will do whatever possible to help you obtain and understand your rights and obligations in regards to your children. For further assistance on your child custody and visitation goals, contact an attorney at The Mansfield Law Group today, we offer consultations at no cost over the phone (951) 808-3630 or through email